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Updated: Mar 25, 2020


I know I've been a little MIA on the blog and YouTube since I got back from Asia... here's an update of what I've been getting up to!

Bodies of Water Multidisciplinary Art Performance


After I landed back in Vancouver, I started rehearsing for a multidisciplinary art performance called Bodies of Water

This show featured some amazing local artists such as Corrina Keeling, Jessical Dawn Arts, Jess Vaira, Hayley Gawthrop, Jillian Christmas, Kealoha Noelani, Martin Reisle, Ian Cromwell, Jody, Mariko Okabe, Gillian Thompson, Bre McDaniel, Caitlan Read to explore the stories of our origins - the journey of crossing bodies of water to get to where we are now, through music, dance, movement, poetry, and digital art projections.

Corrina Keeling, Jessical Dawn Arts, Jess Vaira,  Hayley Gawthrop, Jillian Christmas,  Kealoha Noelani, Martin Reisle, Ian Cromwell, Jody, Mariko Okabe, Gillian Thompson, Bre McDaniel, Caitlan Read


As I mentioned in the video, I was also a part of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in early November. This conference is basically a gathering of psychedelic and plant medicine therapists, researchers, healers, enthusiasts, activists, pretty much anyone who feels called to come learn and share information and stories regarding these sacred plant teachers. I've gone every year for the last three years now either as an attendee or volunteer, and this year I got to go as a speaker on a panel featuring voices of women of color in the psychedelic community.

Thank you so much to Zoe Helene of Cosmic Sister for the opportunity, this was so special to me.

To watch the full video of the panel


pen and ink copic markers, photoshop art
Dey Rose "Puzzle Piece" Cover Art by Van Lefan

Another passion that I've been dedicating more time and energy into is my art. For the month of November I was working hard to complete the cover art piece of my musical sister Dey Rose's single coming out called Puzzle Piece.

I will be sharing the creative process of this piece in an upcoming blog, sharing all the progress pictures of how the piece evolved over the different renditions and mediums I experimented with.

The end result is a mixture of pen and ink, some water color, art markers, and digital painting using Photoshop.

I also finished this collage that I started two years ago, and put it up for sale at the 420 Stalk Market cannabis dispensary and community space. This dispensary is indigenous owned and operated on unceded territory. In October the CSU (Community Safety Unit) came with the VPD and raided this dispensary of all medicine and cash, no warrant needed. In case you don't follow cannabis news in Canada, the grand summary is the government has "legalized" cannabis, but only for themselves, and has been shutting down all other businesses that aren't selling products from their licensed growers. This takes away affordable access to high quality, high concentrate cannabis products from a population that needs it, whether it's for pain management, mental health, or coming off of opiates. This is a violation on people's rights to access medicine that words for them. For what? the "black market" has existed for as long as criminalization has, and has not been harmful. In fact there's been so many issues regarding chemical sprays and mold coming from the "legal" weed! So who is the "Community Safety Unit" really keeping safe? (*cough cough* corporate interest *cough cough*)

I can go on and on about this, but instead I created this piece as a way of expressing how I feel about the War on Drugs, current state of cannabis "legalization" that's going on.

It is made up of some of my favorite pages from old Cannabis Culture Magazines, some paint, and pot leaves from plants grown by a good friend.

The piece if currently up for safe for $420, send me a message if you are interested!

In 2020 I will also be starting to make prints of my art, and doing more commissioned pieces, so feel free to contact me via email if you like what I make :)


Aside from art, music, and plant medicine activism, I've also been focusing on more dance and circus training.

I recently finished taking my first 5 week progressive dance workshop at Harbor Dance Center taught by Lauren Maynard. Here's a video of the chereography we learned in 5 weeks, full video on my Instagram

I've also been taking lots of other drop in classes, going to dance socials, and have lined up some solid dance training for early next year which I am super excited for!


So what's next?

I plan on being in Vancouver for the next few months, to ground, integrate, and skill build. In other words, it's time to level up and make magic. I am cooking up so much good stuff, but it all starts with my establishing a solid foundation both in my physical word and inner landscape.

It's time to focus and commit, commit to the art and messages inside me that is waiting to be brought into this world through creative expression.

Subscribe to my YouTube, Blog, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you'd like to follow along on the journey. Thank you for everything so far.

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