Quaran-things to do: Take a Dance Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to dance, groove, and move, but maybe told yourself something like "I don't have time" or "I can't dance" or "It's too expensive"?

I totally understand feeling resistant towards trying something new especially infront of people, it's an intimidating space to step into sometimes, physically expressing can be a really vulnerable experience.

But guess what?! HERE'S YOUR CHANCE.

One of my favorite things about this quarantine is the amount online dance classes that are popping up. So many incredible dance teachers from all other the world have been live streaming and sharing their skills and knowledge.

You can do them in the comfort of your own home, without worrying about anyone else watching (except maybe your dog or cat). What I also love about online classes is you can rewind to parts you missed, or rewatch it afterwards to review since often the teachers will leave the class up for 24 hours.

Here is a list of some of my favaorite classes so far, follow them on social media because 1. They're awesome, and 2. that's where they will post about their updated class schedules!

Diamonds in the Rough

Members of this all female dance crew have been offering online classes everyday of the week find the schedule on their Instagram and Website!

Diamonds in the Rough are based out of Vancouver, Canada with active members currently living in L.A, California. Diamonds In The Rough was co-founded by Natasha Gorrie in 2009. Since then there have been a large family of Diamond Ladies and 11 years later, Diamonds In the Rough are still going strong with new members alongside some original members.

The Diamond ladies have a strong presence in the choreography, industry and freestyle community. The ladies strive to train in multiple Street Dance styles, all bringing these individual strengths back to the crew.

This sisterhood of powerful women represents more than a dance crew, their chemistry and lifestyle allows them to support each other, express, create and motivate.

Litefeet with Hannah

Prior to this lockdown I've never tried Litefeet, only seen others do it at cyphers. Hannah's class is a lot of fun, she has such amazing uplifting energy, and will definitely get you sweating and smiling (seriously, when she says 2 more times it really means 6... but I ain't even mad about it)

I've also taken Hip Hop with Tasha, and popping with Elmo, both (along with all the ladies of Diamonds) are amazing!

Litefeet with Mr. Youtube

Can't speak of Litefeet without mentioning Mr. YouTube who is one of the creators of the dance style. What better place to learn a dance than going straight to the source it came from!?

Swiss aka Mr Youtube is  dancer and founder of Brotherhood and  co founder of Breakfast Club and LiteFeet Nation. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY he and Chrybaby Cozie are forefathers of the latest Freestyle Dance Called "LiteFeet"

Grooving with Sophia Sosa

How are your foundations? How's your attitude? Could always use more work ;)

Let this super badass mover show you a thing or two. I've been taking her classes both in person and online and have seriously learned SO MUCH.

She takes a foundational approach to teaching freestyle and choreography, so not only will you be learning some sweet new moves, she will also make sure that you're doing it properly, know where the moves and dance style came from.

Hustle with Savage&Samuelle


Before the whole pandemic broke out I was taking regular weekly classes from them in a local dance studio called ShapeShifter. Now they moved their class on online on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm (beginner class) until 8pm PST on Instagram and Facebook Live

They teach a partner dance called Hustle, so if you are stuck indoors with a partner or roomate and want to learn how to dance together I highly recommend trying their class! This is what it looks like:

Locking with Keylock

Locking in the Lockdown!

This is another one of my favorite online classes so far! Turn on some funky tunes, put on some funky colors if you want, and try out this super fun style of dance!

This teacher is based in Toronto so I would normally not be able to take his classes, so I'm super grateful that they are not accessible online.

Chicago Footwork with King Charles

I had no idea what Chicago footwork was, but figured I'd try it out and turns out it was a blast (though I probably looked like a flailing mess doing it, I was a very happy mess)

His class was super up beat and fun, definitely had me laughing and feeling out of shape xD

Born and raised on the South side of Chicago, King Charles discovered footworkin at the age of 14. When Charles turned 15 he decided to pursue the style and the culture full out..... King Charles travels the world sharing his art, knowledge and talent battling on the international circuit and has a wealth of performance and choreography experience in shows, music videos, film and television. King Charles is a well established teacher and also leads numerous workshops on his travels in hopes of a big bright future for his team and culture. ... Read full bio here.

Improv & Contemporary Floorwork with Sarah Formosa

Originally I was SO excited to start taking this class at ShapeShifter Studio starting March 29th... then the pandemic broke out and everything got cancelled. So I was overjoyed when Sarah announced that she will be teaching this class via Zoom instead!

I absolutely love the way she moves, and her teaching style is so inviting and encouraging for people of all levels, I can't wait for next class.

Born and raised in the greater Vancouver Area, Sarah Formosa began her training at Spiral Dance Company and continued her training in San Francisco at the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training where she graduated in 2016. As an independent artist, Sarah has had the opportunity to work with David Harvey, Ralph Escamillian, Heather Dotto, Heather Laura-Gray, Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis, Alameda Civic Ballet Company, The Vancouver Opera (Josh Beamish), Company Joe Ink (Joe Laughlin) and the response. Dance Company (Amber Funk-Barton)... for full bio click here

Other places to find classes:

If you're still looking for more classes here's an instagram account someone send me a few days ago with daily updates on dance classes happening online! So many different styles like ballet, contemporary, jazz fro teachers all over the world!

I know these times are difficult for a lot of people, being house locked all the time can make us feel sluggish and disconnected. More than ever is it important to take care of our bodies and minds by moving and creating, I hope these classes give you a place to start.

PS. Most of these classes are free or by donation, but keep in mind that in this time a lot of professional artists are being greatly impacted due to loss of work (classes cancelled, studios closed, performances/shows are all cancelled for the forseeable future), so if you are someone who is able to financially help in any way I really encourage you to do so <3

If you want to see some footage of my attempts at these classes check out my Instagram I've been posting pretty regular progress videos on my stories and feed.

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