Mexico Week 1-Isla Mujeres, Scuba Diving, Jam Sessions

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Coming out on this solo hoe adventure this time I was really interested in the idea of somehow documenting and sharing my adventure. I've tried vlogging (video blogging) before, and just seems to always not shoot enough footage, or get too busy to edit the videos in time. I tried a written blog too but also seem to not be able to fully capture the experiences the way I want to through writing.

Lately what I've been experimenting with is audio recordings when get a moment in a quiet corner and want to rant about something or document a thought. I've been uploading these to my soundcloud and some of my friends seem to enjoy listening to them as sort of a podcast or story telling.

So this is my first time trying out this format of recording an audio blog, then adding the video and photo footage I have to show what I am talking about.

This takes the awkward pressure off of me talking into a camera, and also saves me the headache or trying to make the transitions between scenes smoothe.

In this vlog I talk a lot about my experience scuba diving for the first time, and becoming a PADI Open Water Diver. I shared my insights about the meditative and yoga like qualities of scuba diving, and just the pure magic of the underwater world. Here are some pictures taken on a GoPro by my friend Alex (follow him on IG @ocalexoc , his life is freakin awesome).

The statues in the photos are a part of the underwater museum Musa at Isla Mujeres (for more info click here)

The project was designed to help relieve some stress that tourism has put on the local coral reefs and other marine life by creating an underwater attraction, and also act as artificial habitats.

The second part of my blog talks about the local live music culture, and the jam sessions that happen

One of the places I mentioned was the Tres Mentiras , in the vlog I muted the video footage, but if you're interested in hearing one of the songs here's the full video:

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