Creating Multidisciplinary Art

During the last few months I've been switching a lot of my focus to learning, skill development, and creating.

I've always been passionate about various artforms such as music, movement, writing, film making, and painting, and lately I've been finding new ways these art forms can interact with each other to help tell stories or share ideas/experiences.

I recently also started a new semester at Simon Fraser University taking Contemporary Arts classes (yay my childhood dreams of going to art school are coming true!).

In one of my classes my professor talked about how our senses did not evolve in isolation, they actually work together for us to perceive the world in a holistic way, therefore the more senses are engaged, the more information we absorb, understand, and remember.

This really ties into my idea around how using multiple art forms can help convey different aspects of the same concept or story as a way to further engage the emotional experience of the viewer.

So far I've created two projects with the help of my partner/quarantine buddy Jamn' Camrn to make two short films using music, dance, and spoken word poetry, check them out here if you're interested, I've also included a creative process video for both of these projects to share what it was like making the films, what we learned, and what the inspiration/idea was behind each project!

1. do you understand? 你了解嗎?

A story about my grandmother, my childhood in Taiwan, and experience as an immigrant. Featuring footage of my grandmothers house that I spent a lot of my younger years in. This piece was really close to my heart, and I wrote, produced, performed all the music and spoken word in the piece.

2. bottleneck

This piece explores various aspects of mental health, internal landscapes, communication, and the impacts of the unsaid. It's a really personal journey to us as it pertains a lot to what various struggles we've been experiencing in these weird times in the world.

Rather than ask "what are you thinking?" we talk about the questions "why are you thinking?"

as in what is holding you back from communicating, and the experience of both the asker and the individual being asked.

Thank you to Mary Ancheta and Geoffrey Keezer of Montre Echo for producing the track that inspired the idea.

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