Boat Life Reality - Struggles, Giggles, and Cuddles

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Photo by Gregory Wong, staring off to the mountains sailing up to Princess Louisa

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I recently went on a week long sailing trip with my friends Riley, Forrest, and Greg. I just finished editing and uploading the final part of the vlog series on my YouTube channel documenting this trip, I will link them all at the end of this blog post if you wish to see video footage of the shenanigans that went on with three guys, one girl, and one old sailboat.

I had no idea what to expect on this trip, since I have never been on a multi-day sailing trip before. To my surprise it was very similar to road tripping in the van!

The perks are similar, getting to be mobile, sleep where you end up, and wake up somewhere new everyday; and they share the struggles of being in a small space that is constantly moving and shifting around.

Of course there are differences, the kinds of places that are accessible by water vs. land and very different, and also on this boat we had a toilet.

Social media, especially Instagram does a great job at making these nomadic lifestyle and travelling look very glamorous, showing only highlight snapshots of aesthetically beautiful moments.

In reality, the most memorable times are often the many hilarious mishaps that happen behind the scenes, which I love to share and feature in my blog and videos.


Aside from the permanent pee smell that I mentioned during my toilet vlog at the end of episode 2 of my vlog series, there was another problem regarding the toilet on this trip.

Anyone who has lived on a boat before has warned me about this: getting the boat is the easy part, be prepared to learn how to repair EVERYTHING. I've heard all the stories of the kinds of repairs that come with boat life, anywhere from replacing motors, learning how to fiber glass, to patching up the canvas on sails. In our particular case we had some minor issues, one of the most memorable ones being the toilet seat hinges.

About two days after I got on board, we discovered that the toilet seat hinges broke. For several days we were nowhere near a marine supply store, so we found some twine rope and tied it together to the seat the best we could, but honestly, it was really not working.

So when we finally returned to civilization and found a store that had the same hinges, we (by we I mean Riley) were finally able to have it fully attached. The process was gross, but at the same time somehow ended up being so funny, with all four of us crammed into that small space, making horrible jokes that involved bad puns and hybrid accents.


In episode 3 of my vlog series I showed a video of me cooking a simple stir fry on the boat while we were motoring and then sailing across the Strait of Georgia. In my opinion the video doesn't fully portray how much that boat was rocking and tilting during the cooking process, and it was quite the hilarious challenge trying to not fall over, have everything fall off the counter/stove, or cut my hand while using the knife.

Photo shot by Gregory Wong, playing music on our sailing trip

Eventually the task was accomplished, but it was quite the experience.



Traveling by boat is similar to going on a road trip. There are epic moments at each destination, or when something super awesome like a double rainbow happens. But the reality is, most of the time, when you're getting from point A to point B, there is not a whole lot going on. It takes quite a while to get anywhere by boat, especially when you are sailing, this can be a huge contrast in comparison to the hustle and bustle of city life. Personally I really appreciated these opportunities to just chill out, without any Wifi or cell reception, just enjoying the beautiful scenery of mountains and ocean, and playing music.

Of course there were moments on those super long days (our longest travel day was 12 hours straight) where we can start to feel a little nauseous from the movements, narrowing down the available activities since reading a book or look at our phones/ computers could make it worse.

Those are the times that we find ourselves getting a little bored.


The simple solution to any of these struggles, and really in general in life, is to laugh about it.

Find humor in these situations that seem uncomfortable. Take things less seriously, trust me it makes life way easier.

One of the things that I appreciated the most about this crew was how silly we were able to be with each other. We were constantly cracking jokes, even if they were cheesy, lame puns or awkward accents, and giggling together like a bunch of teenagers.

They taught me all about lighting farts on fire during one of those days we were just finding ways to kill time, then we somehow turned fixing the toilet into a film production.

A lot of times things don't go the way we planned, especially on these improvised adventures.

In those times there's two things we can do:

complain about it, or laugh about it.


Greg and Forrest lovingly steering off into the sunset on a sailboat

Check out my vlogs: EPISODE 1:



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