Tour Life: Mayne and Galiano Island With Buckman Coe

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As most of you may have guessed by now I've been on a touring adventure with the band Buckman Coe. We adventured and played all over Taiwan from April until May, and returned to Vancouver, BC just over a month ago.

Since we've been back, we've played several local shows, including a couple on Mayne Island and Galiano island. I made a vlog on my YouTube Channel documenting our trip for anyone curious what it may look like to tour around the islands for a weekend~

Travelling to Mayne Island, British Columbia

Fun times on the ferry to Mayne Island

This was my first time on both islands, and also first mini road trip with the van this summer, so this was pretty exciting. We left Vancouver early Friday afternoon to catch our ferry reservation at Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. For those of you who aren't from BC, if you make a ferry reservation online, most of the time they require you to show up around 40 minutes before your reservation time. The ferry to Mayne will make a few stops at the other islands along the way, including Galiano. There is White Spot food on the ferry, burgers, poutines, and such, and a gift shop. Lamar and I ended up practicing flute most of the way.

We arrived at The Groove Island Kitchen around 5 or 6pm, loaded in, set up, did a quick sound check, and had our first dinner (I got their vegetarian Paella and it was delicious).

sunset views from Mayne Island, British Columbia

We had some time before the show to go for a sunset walk at the beach right across the street, saw an epic treem, enjoyed the beautiful views, oh and I found this cute piece of kelp that looked like a heart!!

The people on this island were so kind, and the performance was a lot of fun.

After the show we celebrated with some drinks and second dinner (like a bunch of real hobbits). I had the the Super Mondo Salad and it was EPIC. The portion was huge and all their ingredients were super fresh, and locally sourced when possible. Their pizza dough is also home made, and very delicious.

The owners of The Groove are AMAZING. The next morning they ended up making us coffee and breakfast, and shared stories of the history of this building, which was originally owned by a Japanese family who used the space to grow hothouse tomatoes, before they were unfortunately forcefully removed from their property in 1942 like many other Japanese Canadian Settlers at the time. For more information on the history of the house and Mayne Island check here.

Travelling to Galiano Island, British Columbia

Pad thai, curry, and other amazing food at Wild1 Cookhouse on Galiano Island

To get to Galiano from Mayne Island, there is a smaller ferry. We got on the 11am on, had a prime spot right at the front where we got to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and play more music while we waited to cross. We went straight to the local market for a quick set and to also enjoy all the snacks, arts and crafts from the local farmers and artists. People gifted us various items like hand made candles, art prints, and delicious fruit popsicles!

After that we went for a lounge at the beach, and had dinner at this Thai food place called Wild1 Cookehouse

Right after dinner we headed to the Galiano South Point Community Center to set up, sound check, and played a very fun show with a crowd that included some adorable dancing children. As the rumors we heard suggested, Galiano is a crowd that LOVES to dance, and everyone was very nice and friendly!

That night we stayed at a local friend's place, and then headed our separate ways the next morning.

I continued on to go to Salt Spring Island and then Cowichan Bay with my parents (who actually came to the show with my dog Captain Kirk!)

Captain Kirk waiting for the ferry at Galiano Island

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