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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Most of my english speaking friends know me as Vanessa, but growing up in Taiwan, my family called me Lefan (樂凡)

What does that name mean?

Le 樂 means joy

Fan 凡 means ordinary

And when the character 樂 is pronounced /yuè/, it means music!

Even more, when this character is written with 艹 symbol, which represents plants, it becomes yao 藥, meaning medicine.

Why does this matter?

Because when realized the true meaning of the name I was born with, I also realized my purpose here on earth.

I am here to live a life of awe.

To explore and experience the world with childlike wonder.

To see the magic and joy in the ordinary moments, and allowing them to be expressed and shared in the form of music, movement, art, and stories.

I am here to allow the fire in my soul to burn brightly, shining out, and serve as a reflection to anyone who may have forgotten that this same light is also inside them.

So hello,

I am Lefan,

It’s so nice to meet you again.

Welcome to my channel where I will be sharing my journey and creations.

And if I have one wish, it would be that I can pass on this torch to you,

and that you can start to see the joy and music in the ordinary, and let that be your medicine.

Hellooo!! I am so excited to finally launch my official channel intro, created by my talented from Tony Tobias during our time at the Momentom Collective Digital Nomad Artist Residency at Aqua Nicaragua earlier this year. Hope you enjoy the video, would appreciate a like, comment or share!

If you want to be updated about new videos that I will be posting go hit subscribe on my YouTube channel!

Trust me there is LOTS coming. I also shot my first music video with Tony during the residency, which I CANNOT WAIT to share with you all in the next couple of weeks.

I also just finished touring with Buckman Coe in Taiwan, and we have lots of live performance videos and travel vlogs that will be shared in the next little while :)

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