Imagine Cover at Dragonfire Art Gallery

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In my Solo Roadtrip Part 1 Vlog I mentioned visiting the Dragonfire Art Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon. They had an exhibit on called "Imagine" where over 40 artists created pieces inspired by the song Imagine by John Lennon. Amongst the amazing pieces was this guitar made by Sony Felberg from ChickiBoom who builds cigar box guitars, and I immediately fell in love. Thankfully the wonderful ladies working at the gallery let me play it for the afternoon, and I got to make some beautiful connections with people there while sharing my music. I wanted to play the song Imagine on this guitar but didn't know how, so I told the ladies I will learn it and come back. I went to a café to use wifi and download the tabs, practiced LOTS for the next two days, and came back so I can play it on this guitar, here's the video one of the ladies at the gallery took. Playing this song and repeating John Lennon's words over and over again really touched my heart, and got me thinking a lot about our world today, the direction it is going, and what part I can do to create the world he imagined. I think my part is to share this music, and write more music, to share the beauty and the love and hopefully more and more people will join us dreamers to love and to live in this world. Peace and Love from my heart to yours. Check out some of the pieces on the Dragonfire Art Gallery Website

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