VANLIFE TIPS: 5 Ways I Stay Cool in the Summer

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


It's been pretty hot here in Vancouver this summer, so here's 5 ways that I've been staying nice and cool in my van living!

1. I CAN MOVE IT - Anyone that lives on the top floor of a house, or an older apartment building without AC knows that there’s no way to escape from the heat of the sun when it’s beating down on your house turning it into a sauna. Well the good thing about the van is that I can simply just move it. Nothing is holding me to stay in the heat of a baking parking lot. It’s quite easy for me to just go find a patch of shade under a nice tree, or find a spot near water for me to cool off

2. IT AIRS OUT QUICKLY - I’ve been in tons of houses/apartments that no matter how many windows you open it doesn’t seem to be enough. The thing I love about the van is that if I have my back doors open and also the sliding doors, the interior cools down and fills with fresh air pretty much immediately, and creates quite a nice breeze for when I’m chilling

3. FAN-TASTIC FAN - My van has a 12v Dometic Fan-Tastic Fan, other brands like Maxxair are also great. I definitely recommend getting one that blows air in AND out, helps to circulate the air inside the van.

Fan-Tastic Fan

4. SOLAR SHADE - I think the biggest thing that has helped me in the summer months is my solar panel. Even when I am parked in the sun It covers pretty much half of the van in shade, and absorbs the sun (now I’m not scientist, I’m not sure if actually absorbs any of the heat or it’s just in my brain, but I really think it helps out)

5. COLD DRINKS /SNACKS - I didn’t invest money in the super nice RV/boat fridges, so I substituted it with this Mobicool Cooler I got from Canadian tire. I don’t leave it running all the time, but if I have a fresh batch of berries or something that I’d like to chill it definitely does the trick! Or I’d get some ice from a local restaurant /cafe/concession and make myself a nice icy drink!

Check out my YouTube video on this topic:

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