Where Do I Shower and Pee??

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In my previous post I answered the commonly asked question of WHY I chose the van life.

The next most commonly asked question that follows is: WHERE DO I SHOWER AND USE THE BATHROOM?

This first month of living in my van has definitely being a huge learning experience, especially when it comes to being resourceful and problem solving for

simple everyday things that can be normally taken for granted. Having access to warm running water and toilets is one of those first world privileges that I've never had to think too much about on a daily basis....until now.

First of all, if anyone knows me well, you probably know that I really don't shower that often. By that I mean on average I probably shower once every three days. For you daily shower people (or even the shower twice a day folks) that may seem gross, but hey, I have yet to get a smell complaint, unless my friends and partners have just been really nice. I mean if you really think about it, daily showering isn't really good for our skin/hair's natural oil production, and in the history of humans, when have people ever shower as much as we do now in 21st century North America? So the frequency of my bathing has been narrowed down to about 2-3 times a week, which leads to the question when I do decide to shower, where do I go? The answer is wherever I can. One of the biggest perks so far of the van life is it makes it a lot easier to go out and spend time with my friends since I can literally be anybody's neighbor for a couple of days at a time by parking outside or near their place. So when I'm there I can take advantage of their shower. That's option #1, and so far my most frequent solution. Other options I have that don't rely on anyone else, is my local community centers and gyms. There's lots of options for public showers around the city, so to be honest, showering so far has been the least of my concerns. Now for bathrooms, that's probably what a lot of people are curious about. During the day I am usually out and about hanging out with people, running errands, or doing work at a coffee shop. All of these places obviously have public washrooms. Other places like public parks and beaches, gas stations, or when I'm at work all have washrooms I can use. Or, y'know, the great outdoors.

What about the times in the early morning or before bed, or for times I just don't want to leave the comfort of my own home? So far what's been working really well for me is this Folger's coffee jug! It's wide enough that I can easily aim, has smell proof lid, can hold quite a bit of volume so I don't need to worry about it overflowing right away, and it also stores away nicely under the bed. Obviously I would just empty and clean it when I do come across a toilet and sink.

Hope this answers your curiosities around some of my day to day life necessities! please feel free to ask me any more questions you have about my life in the van, I'm more than happy to share!

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