Why I Chose the VanLife

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Lately this is probably been one of my most commonly asked questions when I tell people that I started living in a van. Why? What led me to that decision? There was a series of events that led up to this and several factors of why I decided this was the best choice for me right now.

Me hanging out in Vanwise Gamgee!

First of all, I've moved around a LOT in the last two years. Some of it was because of school and work, moving downtown to have a shorter commute, some of it was because of living with partners and the relationships that didn't work out, some of it was due to travelling and backpacking and constantly being on the go. A part of me has loved the fluidity and new experiences, but another part of me just wants to settle down and have all my life more stable and centralized.

Throughout these moves I was never able to have my own space, in some situations I had my own bedroom temporarily, but for the most part I was either sharing a studio, a one bedroom, or a tent with another person. So a part of me also craved the independence of having my own space. However, because my life is based in Vancouver, living alone costs more than I am willing to pay.

When I say living alone I mean REALLY alone. I don't even want to have a landlord that lives upstairs or neighbours in an apartment building. I want a dog, I like to smoke weed and tabacco pipes in bed, I like to play music and jam whenever I want. All of these are activities that are typically restricted in a rental place.

So this idea of living in a mobile home has been in my mind for several months now, espcially after meeting people locally who are doing it successfully.

Originally I was planning on in the spring time or summer, after I've graduated school and am ready for some roadtrip and camping adventures. But life doesn't always go as planned, and there was a change in my living situation that required me to move mid December. I looked on craigslist for places to rent and vans to buy simultaneously, knowing that if I moved again I would like it to be something I want to stay at more long term rather than another temporary space. The more I looked at the housing market the more appealing van life became. So when the perfect van was posted up for sale, I did my research, asked around for guidance and advice, and made the decision to go for it. Growing up I've been very fortunate to have my parents help me out a lot financially and providing me with my vehicle which was a very well loved Volkswagen Jetta that I've been driving since I got my drivers license. This is my first time purchasing a vehicle on my own and going through the process of insuring it (yay adulthood!). So it may not be a big deal on the grand scheme of things, this was pretty far out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful for all the help, support and encouragement I received from my family and close friends throughout. So yea, this is the story of how and why I ended up buying the van and moving into it. I've been officially living in my van for just under a month now, and it's been the most amazing learning experience. I'll be sharing more about my day to day life on here in the future so subscribe and stay tuned if you're interested! Also feel free to comment and ask me any questions you have have about my experience transitioning into van life, and I'll try to answer them in future posts!

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