Where Did I Grow Up?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

One of the most special parts of my visits home are seeing my childhood home, and my grandmother’s house. It’s always strange coming back these two houses year after year, as the landscapes change, seeing how time wears on the structure. The once shining paint on the metal fence around the front yard is not rusting and flaking off in chunks. Some trees cut down, and new ones planted. Small trees we planted that have grown tall. The old pond now dried and unused.

This time around especially seeing my grandmother’s house was a shock. The last time I was in this house she was still living here. Since she passed away a few years ago the house has been abandoned. So walking was very different. The roof was collapsing in parts, some rooms smelled of mold. A thick layer of dust had collected over everything, parts of the cement cracking.

This is the picture of the house I grew up in, my uncle and his family lives here now. The designed was drawn by my mother, my grandpa and uncles then built it on the family land, in the middle of the farmland. So yea, in case anyone didn’t know that I grew up on a farm, with our own rice crops and everything. My 2 uncles and their families lived right next door to us. I had a pet duck, dogs, and 13 rabbits.

My childhood home in Ganguan, Taiwan

I lived at a placed called Ganyuan. My grandmother lived another 5 minutes walk down the street, where the whole family had dinners together on almost a nightly basis. Actually, now that I think about I’m pretty sure every family living within a 5 block radius of us had the same last name was related to us in some way.

Dinners were always home made, with a lot of the ingredients being grown by us. If we had chicken it was usually our own, and I would help my grandmother clean out the chicken before cooking. We spent a lot of our days outside, catching insects, catching tadpoles, digging in mud, finding different things that we can light a fire with. Other than watching anime at dinnertime, and playing the Playstation or N64 with the cousins, I didn’t spend too much time with technology. And I lived here until I was about 11 years old, until we moved to Canada (well we moved back and forth a few times between Taiwan and Los Angeles when I was 6ish but that’s a different story).

Baby bananas from my uncles garden
Baby Eggplant

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