Holistic Wellness Counselling

  • Client centered, holistic approach

  • Explore limiting beliefs, emotional blocks from the past, shifting patterns

  • Family, relationships, self love

  • Spiritual and psychedelic experiences, integration 

  • Online sessions 

Holistic Wellness Counselling & Coaching 


What's the difference?

In my sessions I find that most of the time I go back and forth between a 'counsellor' and 'coach'.


As a 'counsellor' I would place more emphasis on the past and the effect it has on you now. For example, exploring your family dynamics, relationship history, and past traumas to find out how to come to feel complete with those experiences and change your relationship to them to create a shift how you live life moving forward.

As a 'coach' I would help you set goals in the future, where you would like to be, changes you'd like to make, and together we come up with an action plan of how you are going to achieve those goals, what challenges you may face, and how those can be countered. I will be a sounding board and support you through the process, and also be a place for accountability checks. 

I chose to use the world 'holistic' to describe my style of because I focus on all the interconnected aspects that make up who you are and your well being. In our sessions we will explore all these different aspects of your life:

  • Physical Wellness: your physical body, including what you eat, exercise, your posture, illness, injury, or pain. We can explore your relationship with food, body image, movement, incorporate yoga and somatic therapy, and start reconnecting you to your physical being

  • Emotional Wellness: your feelings and emotions. By developing emotional intelligence, we can shift your relationship to feelings like anxiety, anger, grief, shame, and joy.We can explore and find any past emotions that may be lingering and need to be expressed, or look at your current relationship to your emotions, including how you experience them and express them

  • Mental Wellness: your thoughts and beliefs. Together we can look at your thinking patterns, why you do what you do things a particular way, what limiting beliefs you have, where they came from, and work on changing beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Spiritual Wellness: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. To me spiritual wellness isn't about whether you are religious or not; but it's finding out our own personal connection and meaning in the big picture. It's exploring your relationship to the world around you, your purpose, and finding out your personal 'meaining of life'


Therapy Modalities

What techniques and modalities do I use?

Everyone is unique, and one modality will work better for one person than another. In our sessions we will get to know each other and your situation, experiment with different techniques, flow between them and use whichever one best suits you in the moment.

Here are some examples of what we can incorporate in the session: 

  • Somatic Therapy: our emotions and trauams are held within our physical bodies, somatic therapy is working with the physical body, expressing and releasing those emotions

  • Art: The way we express through artwork can give us insight to what may be going on in your subconcious. It's not about being an amazing painter or draw life-like portraits. Can you let go of judgement and beliefs of "I can't draw", or "this isn't good", and allow yourself to create? From your process of approaching art, to the way you create, your experience while creating, and what you create, we can work together and see how the medicine of art can help you in your journey. Although I am not a certified Art Therapist, I will have the supplies and space available for us to play and create together if it resonates with you!  

  • Music: Similar to art, music is another powerful form of medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. Music in therapy can be anywhere from listening to a particular song that invokes emotions for you, to learning how to play a song to express how you feel, or even writing your own music. Although I am not a certified Music Therapist or instructor, I have had years of personal experience with singing and playing music as one of my greated sources of release and healing. I deeply believe that music is medicine for the soul, so if your heart is called to start playing music, or you want to learn to how to connect with your voice, I am more than happy to help you and support you in your journey

  • Relationship Coaching: This could be a romantic partner, parent, child, friend, family member...etc. any relationship that you feel could benefit from mediated communication. My job is to hold the space, mediate between people, allow each person to fully express what's going on for them and be heard. Learn together on what your needs are, setting boundaries, hearing each other, respond instead of react, and start having more heart to heart dialogues

  • Spiritual and Psychedelic Integration: I also offer support and integration counselling/coaching for those who have had a significant spiritual or psychedelic experience. Sometimes these powerful experiences can leave us with many answers but even more questions. It may feel overwhelming, and you want someone to talk to, but fear that people will think you're crazy and will not understand. I am here to hold the space to help you process your experience, explore the lessons and teachings, the changes you would like to make going forward, and integrate these new learnings into your day to day life. 

  • Some examples of other therapeutic modalities I incorporate into my sessions: CBT, DBT, Gestalt, psychodrama, meditation, yoga.


Here's the truth, I don't do this for money. ​I chose this path because it was my calling, to help, to hold space, and to offer unconditional love and presence. To be able to be a witness for your story, and have you show up willing to be vulnerable and share, that is my reward. So while yes this is one of my 'jobs', I see my practice as a fulfilling of my purpose rather than as a way to make money. 

However, money does help me in eating food, paying for gas, and having more time/energy to invest into the work I do, so I have decided to offer these sessions with exchange or either a service or donation. The way I see it is: help me help you. 

  • Sliding Scale: typically an one hour session is $100, with monthly or multi session plans also available to cater to what your needs are and how our schedules line up. I also offer a sliding scale depend on what your situation is, so feel free to send me a message to see what we can work out. 

  • Length of Session: The length of the session will vary and depend on your personal needs. Can be a simple 30min check in, an hour, or longer!

  • Initial Session: Our first session will be more casual, mostly us chatting over a cup of coffee or tea, me getting to know who you are and what you're looking for, and also you getting a feel of my personality and style. From there we can decide if we are a match to work together, go over our counselling/coaching, confidentiality, and liability agreements, and gain a better idea of what direction we can go in sessions

  • On-going Sessions: Once we've established that we are a match and chose to embark on this journey together, I recommend that you stick to the process for at least a few months. Significant shifts and awareness can happen in an instant, but how they play out and are integrated into your day to day life will take time. So while my ultimate goal is to help you reach a place to be able to be your own counselor/coach, I do think it is beneficial to have reoccurring sessions over a few months

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