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Who Am I?

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I am a multidisciplinary artist born in rural northern Taiwan,  

then immigrated to Turtle Island (also known as Canada) in 2006.

My art is inspired by the natural world, plants, animals,

and the internal/external aspects of the human experience. 
I share and express these stories through

music, poetry, movement, paintings, photos, and videos...

I strive to live evrey day in awe.

By awe I mean that feeling I get when

I look up at the night sky full of stars. and go "woah...",

that makes me gasp for air, and my heart flutter with amazement.

That feeling of witnessing something greater than my mind can understand it but my being can experience and feel. 


It's gratitude. It's surrender. 

My purpose in this lifetime on this planet is to

help others find that feeling in their own lives. 

To shed the apathy and monotony,

to experience this sense of love and appreciation

for the wonder of being alive. 

After all, if you really come to realize it,

our existence is Magic. 

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